About Us

About Us

My name is Jedidiah Merrill and I am the owner of alpha sports and apparel. My dream has always been to be an athlete or be involved in sports as a profession.

I am a travel basketball coach, a personal trainer, and small business owner. My goal is to provide schools, teams, and businesses with apparel, gear and promotional items with care and integrity.

Alpha sports and apparel is a small business that’s striving to be big and is always looking to reach new heights. I started this company with hopes it would bring me closer to the things I love, that being sports. I also saw it as a great opportunity for me to help my friends and those I know who own businesses by providing them with company clothing and promotional items.

My journey began back in Gorham Maine where I was born in an old farm house in 1993. I was raised there by my two parents as the youngest of six children. We were brought up in a very religious home and attended a Christian school in Portland. This is where I originally fell in love with the game of basketball. The school was K-12 so I was always around the high school players as a young kid. I made the high school team in 7th grade and began molding myself to be a starter. By the time I reached 9th grade I transferred to Windham high school where I played basketball all four years and graduated in 2012.

Life got crazy after high school and luckily I met my wife Ashley in 2015 or who knows where I would be. We got married in May of 2023 and began the next chapter. Which brings us to where we are now.

Through a lot of ups and downs I’ve made my way back towards my passions and I plan to further my journey in the sports world with full force! 

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